Thursday, 26 February 2009

summer kind of wonderful

With Spring/Summer 2009 on our doorstep its no wonder TOPSHOP have an amazing line waiting for us. Their latest lookbook gives us a sneak preview at the much anticipated 'Glory Days', 'Sport Nouveau', 'Memphis', and 'Witchcraft' styles they have all set up and ready for us.
I personally cannot wait!

I think i need to get another job...


Wednesday, 25 February 2009


So, those of you familiar with the oh so trendy show 'Gossip Girl' will know that little Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) stars as Lonely Boy's (Dan Humphrey - Penn Badgley) 15 year old fashionista sista!
However she doesn't keep her trendy up-to-date fashion sense only on the show, thats right, this girl is fashionable! And recently attended the infamous New York Fashion Week, no wonder she is causing such a hype.
Here are a few pictures to prove it...

This last dress is actually from TOPSHOP, and i have it!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

pop goes the band.

Continuing with my running theme of fashion photography, here are a few sample photographs from a fairly recent shoot.
The idea here was a journey through music, potraying each genre of music with different styling and location. These ones are from the music genre 'Pop', and is the simplest set i have. I will eventually load all of them up however it may take a while considering that there are 8/9 sets in total.
Would like to thank my friend for modelling for me... again.
I may have had a little inspiration from ANTM.


clothes crisis!

So London Fashion Weekend is a week on Saturday, and i have nothing to wear. at all.
The fact that everything is so expensive also doesn't help!
I have a rough idea, well two rough ideas, of what to wear on my legs, the first option would be the new denim-look leggings from Topshop.
The second option would perhaps be some sort of socks-and-skirt combo.

As you can see, i need help!

Monday, 23 February 2009

the first. of many.

My first fashion photography photoshoot took place in summer 2008.
Not that the weather is anything to go by.
Two of my best friends agreed to model for me and the shoot turned out to be a great success, i got the idea orginally from the prospect of taking something, or someone, and surrounding it by a totally alien atmosphere, hence the farmyard setting.

The clothes contrast with the general muckyness of the location.

Starring nycjuicebox

cherry: popped.

My first blog ever!

This is basically a way for me to share my interest, well obsession with photography (fashion mainly), fashion, textiles, and general interests.
Along with my latest photos, and inspiration.

I am an America's Next Top Model addict, and find quite a lot of ideas from there (ish).I constantly go into TOPSHOP (<3)>