Tuesday, 26 May 2009


This is not uni work. It should be. You may recognise these, at least two of you will anyway. I'm sorry the eyes are crap, but consider it a gift. From ME!

We all know i can't draw faces.


Saturday, 23 May 2009

tie warriors

The next set, apparently they were advertising ties...


children of the revolution

They say you wont fool them. Suprisingly enough, this wasn't my idea, my sister actually requested i take some photographs of them for their 'school project'.
It consisted of two different outfits, and i will point out that they are in all my clothes, (pretty much).
Here is the first set.
It's upsetting that they A, fit them, and B, they look better on them.

annoying isn't it?

Friday, 15 May 2009

good girl gone bad

I am actually in love with the new cobra starship song, good girls go bad. Just as i was in love with their much older one, snakes on a plane (bring it). However, this one has a rather larger appeal as, wait for it, Miss Leighton Meester is singing on it! And her voice is amazing! I had heard her singing a couple of weeks ago - a cover of Bette Davis Eyes (which is also definately worth a check out) and they both give us a taste of what to expect when her new record comes out.
On the other side of the Gossip Girl world, little Taylor Momsen is also in a band, called Pretty Reckless. Her sound has a lot more punky grungy home-made band feel to it, but i freaking love it also!
So here are two links, one for the Cobra Starship song, and the other for Pretty Reckless,



Thursday, 14 May 2009

peaches and cream

I hate peaches and cream. I am also not overly fond of Peaches Geldof, yet they force me to read her monthly column in every damn issue of nylon. (heart). Anyway, aside from actually finding an article she wrote that i liked (nylon april- it was about geek lovin'... toootally up my street) i also decied to check out her apartment on the selby . com. I loved it, lets see if you do too. (jealous).
To make me feel better, i did realise she has gross feet, and also theselby.com is my new favourite thing

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


And these are the rest and last of the photos, containing some of my fave!


love hearts and harem pants

So here are my versions from the photography we did, they are sooooo not a glam as the ones of nikki though im afraid.
told you so!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

crop tops and top hats

Here are the latest fashion photographs me and miss nic joint took. If that makes sense? I hope so. The theme was home-made t-shirts, kind of wildfox esque. It was a stroke of luck that the weather also held off, although i am definately not a model, i had a very good day. I am happy, i have had my monthly fashion photography fix.
I am going to post them in three posts, the first will be nikki stylee, then me, then conjoined.



Saturday, 2 May 2009

a matter of loaf and death

Yet again i am stuck in a rut.
Unable to find anything inspirational or interesting.
I am constantly on facebook, blogging, or on lookbook, yet nothing has caught my attention. The blogs i stumble accross bore me.
I need something to be interested in, before i become really fed up.
Maybe its too frickin' late.

thing 1 and thing 2

I was having fashion photography withdraw!
So don't blame me for what you are about to see.
Yes it is me (clearly thing 1) and lil' O, (thing 2).