Saturday, 25 April 2009

on the right laine

Laura Laine's fashion illustrations are amazing.
I wish i could draw like that, especially the hair!
She has also done a number of drawings for Zara.

I'm grabbing a pencil

excuse me meester

That is correct, Leighton Meester.
She has just signed a record deal, and apparently her new single will be out in August around Autumn times.
And i have read that her sound has an 'electro-pop edge'.
Raise your hand if your excited.

Friday, 24 April 2009

a friend in need

I need inspiration for some blogging. I have been pretty bored for a while and have nothing interesting to write about! Sure, the latest ANTM is extremely awesome at the mo, but i have now caught up, so have to watch it weekly. The same with Gossip Girl, no matter how shock-horror it has become lately, i still feel uninspired. My new NYLON mag did cheer me up for a while, especially as Miss Lohan is the cover girl of the month (the interview is awesome!), and also looking as skinny as ever, bad times. And i did find out another meaning of the title NYLON, it's like if you combine New York, and London. NY LONdon.
But still, HELP!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

rockin' robin - bird

So here are the photographs me and Melissa took. Props the the Harry Potter looky-likey paper bird.

There are a few more, but it is already an epically long post, so, fini.



Wednesday, 15 April 2009

rockin' robin - part one

In late 2008 i went on a trip to London and visited the Hayward gallery. Andy Warhol had an exhibition there, it was pretty fantastic to say the least, especially his polaroids. However there was also an upstairs exhibition that caught my eye and made my brain wonder. At this point in time there was a photography project due, so me and my friend decided to collaborate and produce some pieces of our own in a similar style.
Robin Rhode takes photographs consisting of drawings and people at staggered times. Well that didn't really exaplin it very well. Basically, he draws, paints, and collages images onto walls and pavements, photographs it, then changes it, the end result being that when the sequence is complete it plays out a short scene. I will provide a couple of examples.

My next post will be out take, hopefully

Saturday, 11 April 2009

converse and nikki

As we all know, i (and my friends) love photography, so we decided to plan a little trip into the countryside and experiment with nic's camera. I tell you now, it was hard to keep a straight face when walkers - and their dogs, kept walkin-on-by. The end result being some amazingly good quality photographs, with a bit of the converse ad style thrown in there.
Props to Nikki, love you maan.



Sunday, 5 April 2009

hit it heidi

If anyone else has seen the new Guitar Hero World Tour advert then you know what i'm talking about. Heidi Klum features in one of the adverts, and she is amazing! Reminding us all why she is a model and judges Project Runway.

I have provided the link for it,

(I want her legs)



Saturday, 4 April 2009

the girl with the bad attitude

So im thinking it's time for me to upload some more photographs.
Hip Hop Hit it...



Friday, 3 April 2009


We may still be on America's Next Top Model 11 over here, but in the states they have already begun cycle 12. I took the time out of my currently very busy life (ugh) to catch up on the first few, having already finished cycle 11 on the internet.
There is always a couple of girls that you like from the very beginning and spend most of the time wishing they do well and make it into the next week. Well tradition is tradition, and i have already spotted two that i want to win! (although they never do).
We have London, however if i went on my first impressions of her i would have to say she has a bad attitude, but you learn to love her, and i think she is stunningly b-e-a-utiful.
I will give you a little taste of her current portfolio.
The one on the left in that last one.
And then we have Fo. the first impression of her would be that perhaps she is a plain jane. However after numerous amounts of tears from makeover day ('i look butch' etc etc) i really took a liking to her.
And some photographs from her portfolio.

No i am NOT obsessed with ANTM, how dare you suggest it!