Friday, 15 May 2009

good girl gone bad

I am actually in love with the new cobra starship song, good girls go bad. Just as i was in love with their much older one, snakes on a plane (bring it). However, this one has a rather larger appeal as, wait for it, Miss Leighton Meester is singing on it! And her voice is amazing! I had heard her singing a couple of weeks ago - a cover of Bette Davis Eyes (which is also definately worth a check out) and they both give us a taste of what to expect when her new record comes out.
On the other side of the Gossip Girl world, little Taylor Momsen is also in a band, called Pretty Reckless. Her sound has a lot more punky grungy home-made band feel to it, but i freaking love it also!
So here are two links, one for the Cobra Starship song, and the other for Pretty Reckless,


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  1. Taylor looks/sounds a lot like Blondie?!? Still. LOVE IT!!! xxxxxxxxxxx