Monday, 30 March 2009

frame of reference

Last month's nylon mag (March) was a very good one indeed. Not only did Kristen Stewart grace the front cover, she also did a very in-depth interview, proving to the public that she is a down to earth, rooted girl. She commented on her fame, future movie, and relationships, all of which interested me greatly, making me love her and hate her, that little bit more.
Alongside the interviews and latest happenings, there was of course the photoshoots, one of which caught my eye and really inspired me. Photographer Glynis Selina Arban captured the fashion by taking style cues from masters of the art world.
First up we have Klimt.
The symbolist painter used deep, golden hues to accentuate the female form.
Then there's Lichtenstein.
Thick outlines, vivid colours, and benday dots are exactly what made this proto-pop artist's illustrations come to life.
Moving swiftly to Pollock.
Dripping, splashing and splattering on a canvas made this abstract artist's style one-of-a-kind.
And finally we have Magritte.

His witty works of art and intriguing images give true meaning to the surreal life.
I hope you enjoyed that as much as i did

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