Friday, 3 April 2009


We may still be on America's Next Top Model 11 over here, but in the states they have already begun cycle 12. I took the time out of my currently very busy life (ugh) to catch up on the first few, having already finished cycle 11 on the internet.
There is always a couple of girls that you like from the very beginning and spend most of the time wishing they do well and make it into the next week. Well tradition is tradition, and i have already spotted two that i want to win! (although they never do).
We have London, however if i went on my first impressions of her i would have to say she has a bad attitude, but you learn to love her, and i think she is stunningly b-e-a-utiful.
I will give you a little taste of her current portfolio.
The one on the left in that last one.
And then we have Fo. the first impression of her would be that perhaps she is a plain jane. However after numerous amounts of tears from makeover day ('i look butch' etc etc) i really took a liking to her.
And some photographs from her portfolio.

No i am NOT obsessed with ANTM, how dare you suggest it!


  1. she looks like halle berry on the second to lasy photo.

    and i cant believe ur already watching cycle 12!!!
    not obsessed mmmmm..?


  2. that was meant to say last* not lasy xx