Friday, 24 April 2009

a friend in need

I need inspiration for some blogging. I have been pretty bored for a while and have nothing interesting to write about! Sure, the latest ANTM is extremely awesome at the mo, but i have now caught up, so have to watch it weekly. The same with Gossip Girl, no matter how shock-horror it has become lately, i still feel uninspired. My new NYLON mag did cheer me up for a while, especially as Miss Lohan is the cover girl of the month (the interview is awesome!), and also looking as skinny as ever, bad times. And i did find out another meaning of the title NYLON, it's like if you combine New York, and London. NY LONdon.
But still, HELP!

1 comment:

  1. ahh i did not know the nylon thing!! so cool! babe we need to go on like a day out or do some photos or somethin :) maybe a window shopping day
    picnic next wed :) oooooh
    i heart u too xxxxx